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OmniVS is a fast-paced action game for local co-op.

Take control of one of three galaxies and duke it out for complete dominance of the universe.

Slam into opposing galaxies to meld, then separate creating a swarm of planets in your combined color.

Gather planets of your associated colors, and avoid your opposite color.

Last galaxy standing is the victor of each universe. See how much of the omniverse you win!

-Fast-paced hectic rounds
-Support for up to 3 players
-Controller support
-AI for solo-play and 2 player co-op.

We strongly recommend playing OmniVS with Xbox controllers! But keyboard will work.

OmniVS was created over 48 hours during the 2016 Swinburne Games Lab Winter Jam.

-Aidan Lee
-Felix Strangio
-James Smith
-Kip Brennan
-Mark Tan
-Tegan Nicholson.


OmniVSv1.zip 40 MB


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it says its not

why not avaible for windows

It is


it says its not